As of now we Credit King have tried our very best to compare every debt consolidation plan available in Singapore to help our borrowers find the most affordable way to control their debt. Our list of the best debt consolidation loan highlights the most affordable and flexible plans available depending on your preferences on processing fee, interest expense and promotions.

Definition of Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation loan is the same as the name. When you consolidate every one of your owing, you are taking out another, greater loan to pay off some of your existing debts. As opposed to paying a few distinct lenders, you’ll be paying one bill for the new loan. Your consistent interest rate will most likely be lower with the new single loan than the merged installment of your past debts. Not at all like debt settlement, you don’t generally reduce the primary amount you owe — you will even now be paying everything.

Debt Consolidation loan is relatively having some risks. Experts alert with consolidating unless you’re always to make the minimum payment on your debts consistently and are set up to make a new beginning with your methods for managing cash.

Advantages of a debt consolidation loan

  • Short term assists: A single loan with a lower interest charge, spread out over the longer time frame, can drastically decrease the total you pay each month.
  • It’s easier to arrange: It can be hard to keep track a couple bills and month to month due dates, provoking more late or missed payment, but it’s definitely not hard to make a point to pay just a single bill.
  • No harm to your credit: Debt combination keeps your credit set up since you still have to pay off all of what you owe. This is not like the case with debt settlement, debt organization program, and bankruptcy.
Secured Loans

A secured loan is appending to some type of assurance. This is a productive asset that the lender can take in the event you at no pay your bills. Typical collateral includes your home or car. It’s easier to apply for a secured loan since there is low risk to the money lender. For a comparative reason, it is commonly easier to get a larger amount with the lower interest rate. In addition, the interest rate can be tax deductible.

Clearly, while it’s simple for you to land this kind of loan, you could in like manner lose your assets if you default. You may similarly be paying down this kind of loan for a longer period. Home estimation loans are among the most general kind of secured debt consolidation loans.

Unsecured Loans

However, an unsecured loan is not attached to any collateral. Because of that, it is less risky to yours. By defaulting, you’re primarily risking loan harm instead of your home, auto, or diverse assets. Usually, the unsecured loan is taking less time to pay down.

However, getting an unsecured loan is harder, especially if your credit history is bad. Since the moneylender puts it all on the line with unsecured loans, you’ll likely be offered a higher interest rate and a smaller amount, and there is no tax benefit. Personal loans, credit card balance transfers, and loans offered solely with the ultimate objective of debt consolidation are among your choices here.

Why approach us for a Debt Consolidation Loan?

  • Does not worry about many contrasting bills, only ONE reimbursement arrange!
  • Save cost on the interest charge
  • Intelligent, Safe and Sound loan arrangement
  • You reimburse at a great deal more agreeable pace
  • A more lowest interest rate implies save more cash

How to be qualified?

  • You are matured between 21 years old and 65 years old
  • Have your ID Card close by
  • Your yearly revenue is S$20,000 or more.

All Singaporean Citizen, Permanent Resident, Foreigners with S Pass, Employment pass & Work Permit are welcome to apply a Debt Consolidation Loan with us.