How can I apply for a Personal Loan?

You can apply for a Loan Online or you can call us at +65 6589 8167 / +65 8110 1687 . After which your Loan has been approved you can drop by our office to have the Cash Collected instantly. We are located at 101 Upper Cross Street, #01-27 Singapore 058357. Apply now.

When applying for a Loan Online, Credit King offers a very simple and efficient application method, so that all our customers can enquire for a loan anytime & anywhere.

1) submit an application or simple give us a call at +65 6589 8167 / +65 8110 1687

2) Await Verification and preliminary approval within 15 minutes

3) Submit the relevant documents requested by our friendly Loan Officers which will assist you along the way.

4) Finally approved, come on down to our office and sign the Loan contract with various documents attached to it to your understanding.

5) Cash on hand, ready for your collection.

What loans do you offer?

We offer a variety of secured and unsecured loans which include Personal Loan, Bridging Loan, Foreigner Loan, Payday Loan and Debt Consolidation loan, Our mission is to help make taking a loan process simpler, more understandable, and to educate all our clients about their loan options in the event of an urgent needs.

Lastly the maximum amount you can take is reliant on your monthly income and is subjected to our loan officer’s approval.

Can I pay off my Personal Loan early and will I be charged if I do?

When it comes to Personal Loan, you can settle at any time in full. If you’d like to know more, call us at +65 6589 8167 / +65 8110 1687 and we’d be happy to advise you accordingly more on what you wish to know.

Also regarding about delaying payments, it’s fine, do not be stress over the late surcharges issue, call us at +65 6589 8167 / +65 8110 1687 and we’d be happy to discuss this with you.

How do I make repayments?

You can make the repayments of your loan via Internet Banking, ATM transfer or drop by our office to make payments at 101 Upper Cross Street, #01-27, Singapore 058357.

How do I lodge a complaint against a moneylender which I feel is being unfair towards me and performing illegal practices along the way?

  • You can contact the Registry at tel no: 1800-2255-529 or e-mail address:
  • Rest assured that the Registry will not disclose your details to the moneylender without your consent. To facilitate the Registry to investigate your complaint, you may need to attend an interview with our officers and provide us with all relevant information and documents related to your loan transactions and circumstances of your dealings with the moneylender. The Registry views complaints against money lenders seriously and will investigate them thoroughly. Errant moneylenders will be taken to task.
  • If a moneylender has engaged in an unfair practice towards you, you can pursue the matter through the Small Claims Tribunal or the Court under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act. The Court also has the power to set aside loan transactions that are exorbitant or substantially unfair.

Issued by the Registry of Moneylenders on 1 June 2012.

For better understanding on how MAS regulates financial institutions in the banking, capital markets, insurance and payments sectors in Singapore. View the regulations and licensing requirements for your sector here now at Regulation – Monetary Authority of Singapore

To know more about your own personal loan and payment behaviour with licensed moneylenders in Singapore, you may also visit Moneylenders Credit Bureau website. MLCB is a data bank that shows customer’s loan and payment behaviour with licensed moneylenders in Singapore.